Kristin & Monty Ham

Colorado Springs, Denver, Aurora

Monty and Kristin are professional dancers and proud parents.  They love working with individuals new to dancing, as well as individuals with previous experience. Their primary focus includes west coast swing, country swing & ballroom, and wedding dance preparation, in addition to DJing.  They not only teach individuals to become comfortable social dancing in a supportive, fun atmosphere, but also enjoy helping new and established dancers of ALL ages by teaching specific choreographed routines that are level appropriate for competition dancing in west coast swing circuit (WSDC) and the country ballroom circuit (UCWDC).

They have many special awards and titles, including: 2013 UCWDC Open Showcase Professional World Champions, 2005, 2004 & 2002 UCWDC Classic Masters World Champion,  RMSDC Member of the year and Classic Choice Awards, and repeated UCWDC Teacher of the Year Awards.

They provide monthly group progressive lessons in West Coast Swing and Country Ballroom. Progressive lessons start very basic and add on little by little weekly. They teach at : All About Dance (Colorado Springs) & The Savoy Ballroom (Denver) & Jazzercise (Aurora)


Trevor & Chelsea Spika


Trevor and Chelsea Spika are All-Star/Champion level dancers who actively travel the WCS circuit keeping their knowledge of the dance both current and fresh. They have traveled the world teaching, sharing their love for the dance, and continue to do so with their new family addition. They both have a background in country dancing, as well as WCS, and have been teaching for just under 10 years as a partnership. Please contact them for private lesson availability.


Terra Summers


Terra has been dancing Swing for 8 years. She began line dancing and country swing. She found West Coast Swing and quickly became involved. She has won numerous awards on the West Coast Swing competition circuit and is sanctioned by the World Swing Dance Council. Terra is frequently traveling and competing in west coast swing and teaches at Overstreet Dance Center. She is also the instructor for the Dancing With Friends program and is making a huge impact helping dancers with disabilities.


Michael Miller


Michael Miller has been dancing West Coast Swing since the winter of 2004.  He has been teaching since 2009 and competes nationally at the All-Star level.  His inspiration comes from many instructors who have influenced his career throughout the years.  He believes that dancing can be beneficial and fun for everyone and encourages respect and politeness in his classes.


Laura Koch

Fort Collins

Laura Koch has been dancing West Coast Swing since 1997, and teaching West Coast Swing since 2005. She has won numerous awards locally and nationally. She brings playfulness and understanding to her students.

Jim Baker.jpg

Jim Baker

Fort Collins

Jim started dancing West Coast Swing in his mid 40s with almost no dance experience to draw on. He started competing a couple years afterwards. Sometime later he began teaching, and then partnering with Laura Koch to study, compete, teach, and perform together. Performance now includes choreographing and performing routines together. He continues to study with the best, and enjoys sharing his knowledge gained through study and experience with others on their dance journey.