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Terra Summers


Terra has been dancing and competing in West Coast Swing and Country for over 11 years. Her teaching career began with Country Partner Dancing and Line Dancing, then quickly became involved in West Coast Swing. She competes as an all-star on the WSDC circuit and has won numerous awards. Her passion and enthusiasm for teaching is contagious and loved by her students. Her friendly and outgoing personality makes learning from her fun and exciting! She is also the founder and instructor for the Dancing With Friends adaptive dance program and is making a huge impact helping dancers with disabilities.


Michael Miller


Michael Miller has been dancing West Coast Swing since the winter of 2004.  He has been teaching since 2009 and competes nationally at the All-Star level.  His inspiration comes from many instructors who have influenced his career throughout the years.  He believes that dancing can be beneficial and fun for everyone and encourages respect and politeness in his classes.


Ellen Dudley


Ellen has been dancing in some form since the age of 5 and WCS since 2015. She is passionate about self expression through movement. Dance is her favorite way to be mindful, be artistic, to connect, to exercise, and to have fun. All in one!


Kimberly Connolly


Kimberly has been dancing West Coast Swing and other dances for over 9 years and competing West Coast Swing for over 8, currently nationally at the Advanced level. Her passion for wcs technique when teaching earns compliments from beginning and experienced dancers alike. She believes dance is physically and psychologically therapeutic, and fun for everyone!


Briana Gibson


Briana has been partner dancing for ~7,600 hours and counting! (Yes, she logs her hours in her planner so she can accurately assess her own dance goals and recalibrate if necessary). She found a love for dance in high school color guard and in her obsession she moved on to drum corps and competed nationally. Later, she found Lindy Hop before being introduced to many other styles of dance and finally committed to West Coast Swing. She uses the dance as a way to explore her inner and outer world and believes the way we show up for dance is the way we show up for ourselves and our life. In her classes she loves to marry the science of patterning with artistic expression unique to West Coast Swing.

Jean with sparkles.jpg

Jean Zartner


Jean specializes in helping beginning dancers learn the fundamentals and several variations. Her aim is to help you add a fluid style to solid technique, achieve a good dance connection, and be a confident social dancer - but most of all to have fun! She has a proven record of being approachable and putting students at ease. As one student said, “She teaches with...that twinkle in her eye that makes you want to learn and have fun doing it." She has taught at the Turnverein, Boulder's Avalon Ballroom, Arvada Center, and Westminster rec centers.

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