Bridge to Intermediate

This class will provide a structured program to take you from an introductory west coast swing knowledge and prepare you for intermediate classes as well as fine tune basics for those who have been dancing for years!  Class focus is on whips, tuck turns, and the starter step.

This program is fantastic!

  • Review basic 6 count patterns to include side passes, tuck turn, sugar tuck

  • Learn the 8 count pattern called the "whip" used commonly with common basic variations one should know before entering into intermediate classes (ie. whip with an outside spin, cut-off whip, etc) 

  • Learn a basic "starter step" with a few simple variations

  • Review of current trends in technique: how to maintain constant connection, mirror imaging, how to dance "&a1" 

  • Deeper understanding of WCS terminology

  • Learn common mistakes that are made with these basic variations so you can have a fun and comfortable partnership

  • Learn how to lead variations with opposite hand-holds.

  • Lots of opportunity for questions and practice!




Bridge to Intermediate - What you will learn!


  • Basic 8 count WHIP- BASKET, REGULAR, REVERSE WHIP (aka CUT-OFF WHIP) from standard handhold

  • Whip variations: REVERSE WHIP with handshake handhold, REGULAR WHIP with a hammerlock, REGULAR WHIP with an inside turn, REGULAR WHIP with an outside turn

  • Basic 6 count TUCK TURNS- BASIC SUGAR TUCK, BASIC SUGAR TUCK with a Hand Change, LEFT SIDE PASS PROGRESSIVE TUCK (aka Left Side Tuck Turn)

  • Starter Step Closed and open position

  • Leading basic moves from Closed position

  • Side pass variation: LEFT SIDE INSIDE TURN

  • Whip variation: Basic whip with an apache or hammerlock (this move teaches a very important concept in connection that is applicable to other moves done in WCS- it is important to have training in it as opposed to self teaching as it compromise shoulder movement)

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